Iva Biondic

Iva Biondic

Iva Biondic

Experienced business executive with over 20 years experience

Iva Biondic brings to MCE more than 20 years of expertise as a business executive, entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer in different industries among which are higher education, media, FCMG, telecommunications as well as several governmental and European Commission projects. Her motivation for teaching and training is to enable her clients and students to successfully develop their careers, organizations and/or projects. In recent years Iva has developed a more holistic approach to leadership and management trainings combining them with mindfulness techniques focusing on psychosomatic skillsets needed to survive and thrive in “new normal” of business and life.

Professional background

Iva Biondic works as a consultant, trainer and coach and holds a position of Vice-Dean for Strategic Development at VERN’ University in Zagreb, Croatia. As a business executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in areas of strategic planning, corporate communications, consulting, lobbying, lecturing and writing she worked in higher education, media, telecommunication, FMCG, IT, banking, pharma, oil and government sectors. Her previous positions include being an executive director of one of the biggest media companies in Croatia and a consultant for companies such as Deutsche Telecom, Heineken, Tetra Pak, different European banks but also film festivals, humanitarian projects, theatres…
Currently she is also a Program Director of OBRAD project – a platform for dialogue between the education system and the labour market in Croatia, contributing to employability of the young, and developing new entrepreneurial initiatives for graduates. Iva also serves on the Croatian national board of United Nations Global Compact, is a member of Women in Business Initiative at Croatian Employers’ Association and has been active in recent years in the area of social innovation and entrepreneurship.
In Croatia she regularly appears as a speaker on different conferences and panels and she is featured as a columnist and an opinion maker on higher education, social and cultural changes and its impact on communications and business in general.

Education and qualifications

Iva holds a Certificate in Management and Leadership, MIT, USA. and an MBA, IEDC School of Management, Slovenia.


Iva lives in Croatia but she has been working around the globe for the last 20 years. Iva is passionate about teaching, learning and writing.

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