Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

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Learn how to strengthen your strategic thinking skills and encourage it in others. Attend this intensive 2-day strategic thinking training
programme focused on practical learning, designed and facilitated by business people that understand your challenges and will guide you to find effective solutions.

Your immediate takeaway:

– Learn to recognise patterns that impact strategy and enhance your abilities to generate new insights and ideas

– Come to your next strategic planning session with the best possible strategic ideas

– Help your business move forward in an increasingly competitive world

This strategic thinking training programme combines proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas that will grow your strategic thinking skills. You will gain a wider perspective of strategy through breakout sessions, exercises, and case applications.

Who should attend?

If you are a manager, director or leaders who needs strategic thinking skills to gain better business insights and identify trends that can contribute to a more successful business strategy, this programme is right for you.

How will you benefit?

After participating in this programme, you will grow your strategic thinking skills & competencies and be able to:

– Explore ways to challenge your assumptions and view your business in a new light

– Learn and apply different thinking methods to avoid groupthink

– Control reactive fixes to problems even in an uncertain business environment

– Generate new ideas and evaluate future scenarios before your competitors do

– Know when to embrace necessary risk, even if resources and information are limited

– Learn to create better short-term goals that support longterm strategy

During the programme you will:

– Network and learn with a diverse group of peers from different industries and countries in an international environment

– Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work

– Learn and practise new skills using real-business-world examples and exercises over 2 interactive days

Why participate in an MCE programme?


Almost 400,000 participants have taken part in an MCE Open Training Programme.


Pragmatic approach to learning – learn today, apply tomorrow.


MCE’s Faculty are experts in their field with extensive international corporate business experience.


Share international best practices and network with peers from across EMEA region.


MCE is the leading International Management Development provider in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


95% of our clients would come back for another programme and recommend MCE.

What will you learn and practise?

Strategic Thinking is a 2-day hands-on training programme, highly interactive with exercises and role plays. The programme will be led by an experienced facilitator with former management experience in international companies. Strategic Thinking Programme Outline:

Learning Objectives

• Leverage new skills to support your strategic thinking every day

• Apply a process to envision your organization’s desired future

• Recognise the influences within and outside your organization that could support or derail your future goals

• Identify the changes necessary to reach your future goals

• Expand the number of perspectives that influence your moves forward

• Create a plan for building skills and testing your ideas

Context of Strategic Thinking

• Define strategic thinking and recognise how it can be used in your day-to-day work

• Compare and contrast strategic thinking to analytical thinking, critical thinking, and inductive and deductive reasoning

• Identify the characteristics of strategic thinkers

Strategic Thinking Process and Skills

• Explain a model for strategic thinking in day-to-day activities and work applications

• List skills and tools that can be used to support strategic thinking

Assess the Current State

• Identify the influences and relationships at different levels of an rrganization that can impact a strategy

• Recognise and identify patterns of Interaction and development that are likely to influence the effectiveness of a strategy

• Incorporate multiple perspectives on a possible strategy, and assess different influences on the potential success

Envision a Desired Future State

• Envision a desired future state

• Recognise and use thinking skills that support imagining new ways of relating to the market and customers

Build Your Path on Paper

• Identify and sequence the multiple steps to move from the current state of the issue/opportunity to the desire future state

• Anticipate the reactions/responses of others in the larger systems impacting your situation

• Identify and conduct experiments and tests that point your way forward

Implement Your Strategic Knowledge and Skills

• Assess what you gained from applying strategic thinking tools to your project

• Anticipate pitfalls you may encounter as a strategic thinker

• Create an action plan for development of strategic thinking skills

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