Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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Increase awareness about your feelings, your emotions and the way you interact with others. Learn how to use that information to improve your communication, carry out professional interactions empathically and consciously, and impact the achievement of your business goals.


Recognize and Consciously Use Emotional Data to Create and Maintain Productive Workplace Relationships and Team Environments Manage and Adapt Emotional Behaviors That Impact Leading in a Variety of Work-Based Situations Integrate Empathy to Promote Strong Relationships Apply Collaborative, Inclusive, and Creative Communication Practices Gain Emotional Insights to Understand and Implement Change with Others Implement Emotionally Intelligent Motivation Skills to Achieve Team Results Leading with Emotional Intelligence Live Online –

Course Outline :


Integrating Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Competencies

Recognize the Impact Your Emotionally Intelligent Interpersonal Communication Skill Has on Your Colleagues

Apply Emotionally Intelligent Speaking and Listening Skills to Leading


Achieving Emotionally Intelligent Influence and Inspiration

Assess Your Personal Credibility Quotient to Authentically Influence Others

Apply Empathy as a Powerful Influencing Strategy When Coaching

Analyze Resistance Through the Lens of Emotional Intelligence to Identify

Alternative Influencing Approaches

Categorize Your Present Strengths and Liabilities When Seeking to Inspire Others

Apply Skills to Inspire Using Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Stories

Encouraging Emotionally Intelligent Collaboration Practices

Share Effective Approaches for EI Collaboration

Allow Opportunities to Practice Effective Inquiry Techniques


Managing Change with Emotional Intelligence

Recognize How Emotions Affect Attitudes Toward Change

Identify Communication Skills to Help Colleagues Move Beyond Their Resistance to Change

Attaining Healthy Conflict with Emotional Intelligence

Recognize the Central Role of Relationship Development and Maintenance in Achieving Healthy Conflict

Apply Strategies for Cultural and Communication Awareness When Leading and Managing Healthy Conflict

Identify Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Communication Strategies to Create and Maintain Healthy Conflict


Leading Emotionally Intelligent Teams

Analyze Team Social and Emotional Intelligence

Assess Stress Levels Within the Team

Utilize Mindfulness Practices When Whole Teams or Single Team Members Encounter Stress

Demonstrating Your Emotional Intelligence

Synthesize Emotionally Intelligent Competencies to Address Complex Leadership Challenges and Opportunities

Allow Opportunities to Practice Effective Inquiry Techniques

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